Travel in Wheel Life

With spring and summer near I start thinking about travel and vacations.  I want to spend time with my three grandkids doing what kids love to do. 

But I remember the first time my husband and I were to travel post wheelchair life.  I was so afraid and felt completely out of control.  The couples group at our church had planned a cruise to the Eastern Bahamas. Well I’m always up for the adventure and the fun…the only thing I can’t do is walk..right?  I was so worried about how I would get on the plane, what will they do with my power chair, how will I get to the hotel (I can’t get in a taxi with my chair), and finally how would I get to the ship.

If you avoid travel for any reason, it doesn’t have to be a mobility issue…GUESS WHAT I have learned – Everyone out their that works for the companies involved already know what you need.  I started calling and talking to them and they had the answer to all my needs.  It should have been obvious to me but I was so concerned that I didn’t remember “I’m not the first person that ever traveled with challenges.”

My encouragement for you today is to choose one thing you may have been putting off and go for it… no matter how small you may think it is (it is big to you.)  There is nothing like the feeling of overcoming something that once gave you fear… Please make a comment of your progress so I can celebrate with you!!