Living Wheel Life in Florida

Living Wheel Life in Florida

ADA mat on the beach at FT. Myers Beach, FL. I saw one of these mats on line but was taken by surprise when I found one at the beach. I was visiting my parents and I was able for the first time in 6 years to sit on the beach surrounded by by mom and sister. I was so over the top delighted about this. Be adventurous– you never know what you may find…


Wheel Life Cooking

     Today my husband and I are having friends over for dinner.  Anyone who lives life from a chair understands how difficult it can be.  Everything is higher than your comfort zone. Six years ago I didn’t want to cook or bake anymore… too much effort and I couldn’t reach anything.  Before that I was always the one hosting parties and game nights and I loved to feed everyone.

     Well with my determination and mind set of “It’s not I can’t do it, but how can I do it?”  I had an idea!  I needed a table at table height like they use in commercial kitchens to prep food.  Well my husband and his friend got right to work on it.  Picture to follow;  they used to stainless steel prep table tops (from an auction), and steel fence posts for the legs and I have a perfect table to continue my baking and cooking.

     It was so important for me to keep doing the things I always have, even if they are altered somewhat!  So tonight I will be serving Beef roast, potatoes, carrots and for dessert Chocolate Fudge Brownies (from scratch).

     Let me know if this idea has helped you in any way.  My goal is to encourage you to never give up, but figure it out.  If you can imagine it, it can be done,