Purging the clutter while Living Wheel Life

Purging the clutter while Living Wheel Life.


Purging the clutter while Living Wheel Life

Good Morning Everyone,

     I hope today finds everyone energized and ready to receive all the good things the Lord has in store for you today.  I really wanted to write yesterday, however I decided I’ve been putting off something far too long.  How many of you have tubs or boxes of photographs hidden in closets, basements, or attics.  Well I am guilty of that and I really want to put them in some kind of order.

     Yesterday was the day, no stopping.. I started at about 9am and didn’t finish until 4pm.  Do you remember when we all fell for the free double prints years ago?  I just had to laugh as I was going through my pictures, I mean “really” how many pictures do we  need to remember our life.  My daughter and son played sports, gymnastics, cheerleading, and don’t forget holidays, birthdays and vacations.  Wouldn’t a few pictures have jogged my memory, instead of the stacks and stacks of them really doing the same thing over and over.

     Now let’s discuss having adorable grandchildren.  I think I have more pictures of them in their short lives then I do my daughter.  So needless to say I purged the prints.  If you are saying “oh, I could never do that”  let me tell you by afternoon I was ready to throw them all out.  This world has the right idea now – digital pictures on their gadgets, memory cards, instagram, etc.

     Looking at all I have and how much clutter it is taking up in my life makes me more intentional about living a more simple life.  Just knowing all those snapshots were in tubs caused me stress.  While living in such a consumer driven “always wanting more society,” is it any wonder we are stressed out so much of the time? 

     Reading my devotions today, I came across the Lord speaking to the disciples; Luke 9:3  “Take nothing for the journey – no staff, no bag, no bread, no money, no extra tunic.”  Do you think it’s because He knew they would spend all their time fusing over these things instead of meeting the needs of others?

     Strive to make your life more peaceful, I want to share a snapshot of just a simple thing that brings me such joy (and no I will not print a photo.)

     Fondly,  Lora









Living wheel life and noodles

Good Morning friends,

I hope you are all doing well this morning. It is just another humid, scattered thunderstorms kind of day here in Northeast Ohio.

Well today I woke up and thought I’m in the mood for homemade Chicken Noodle Soup. Chicken breasts (check), chicken bouillon (check), salt, celery, carrots (check). Noodles, wait where are the noodles??? oh no I don’t have any egg noodles. Okay, (slow down and deep breath) that isn’t a big deal – jump into the car and run to the store. No wait I don’t have a mobility vehicle to drive!!!

This is when you are so thankful for the wisdom of your mother and grandmother. How many of you spent time in the kitchen learning how to bake or cook from scratch? In this day of all things processed and unhealthy, I am reminded of the recipes learned. So my problem is solved by making my own from scratch noodles.

Noodle Recipe:
Mix two egg for every cup of flour with one teaspoon of salt. Roll out to the thickness desired for you noodles. Use lots of flour on the top and bottom of the egg dough to avoid sticking. Let them dry for about 5-6 hours at least (overnight gives you a dryer dough) and cut to the desired length and width. I use a knife or my favorite a pizza cutter for this. Then drop into boiling broth and bring back to a soft boil for about 20 minutes.

Nothing tastes better and you have a great memory of time spent in the kitchen with your mother or grandmother.

Have a blessed day,

Living Wheel Life on the Zip Line


The past 5 weeks have been just one adventure followed by another… I flew to Florida by myself for the first time. I was concerned about being lift transferred from the wheelchair into the jump seat and then into the airline seat. Then you have it done in reverse again on the way home. I did have to make a transfer in Atlanta before arriving at Ft. Myers Beach. Well everything went perfectly. Thank you Southwest Airlines!
The next thing I did was to zip line.. yes you heard me right!!! Zip lining. It wasn’t my intention “as I have never wanted to do this when I was walking with two good legs” So being paraplegic I really had no intention. My husband and good friend Karen were zipping and the owner Mike says “hey we can have your wife zip these two lines if she wants too.” They had such a look of hope on their faces, how could I say no. So I have the picture to prove it and the bragging rights to share. Have an adventurous day everyone. What have you done lately to take you out of your comfort zone?