Making the Most Of Our Winter Days

I live in northeastern Ohio and find myself in the house for many days in a row. The main reason is because of the wheelchair; doing donuts in the chair isn’t as much fun as it was in the car. Anyway…. There are many reasons you may find yourself in this situation. Maybe you have littles or you live in Boston (need I say more.)


I feel what gets me through these days is to stick to a schedule. Make your day as routine as you can. Always begin with a positive reading. I find my devotional Bible and something funny like a short story very good. And then I keep to a schedule. My schedules are measured in blocks of time. An example; One hour of the news, two hrs crafting, and etc. setting a timer is my favorite thing to do! I never have the same starting time daily, as others so kindly help me get up each day.

Share some ideas of what gets you through these long winter days in the comments below

Be joyful, no matter the circumstances!