Getting A Break From Ohio Weather

Anyone living in the mid-northeastern area of the country this year deserves a break from the winter and spring we are having.  The jokes on Facebook recently are “if I’d known spring was only going to last 3 days, I would have enjoyed it more.”IMG_0453-2

This year I was able to get a new wheelchair, this one reclines and does all kinds of other great stuff.  So I was up for a new adventure at the beach with this new chair.  Those of you that know me…well you know I always figure out how too!!!

It was perfect for getting a tan and being part of the actual beach.  Take a look at what my chair is actually sitting on!!  It’s a mat that lays on top of the sand for people with wheels…Thank you Fort Myers Beach, FL for making my 8 day get-away so fabulous.

I encourage anyone with a challenge to figure out a way to do what you love.  Thank you to my parents and sister for making this possible.


Don’t you just love our crazy reading glasses…??

Blessings, Lora


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