Thanksgiving Week!!!

It’s the beginning of a new week, which is always exciting.  Forget about what wasn’t done last week or what was attempted and maybe didn’t turn out so well.

Dwell on the good things.  Count your blessings and be thankful….


In my opinion is my favorite place for inspiration.  I love her stuff and this is just my opinion from ordering her journals.

Happy Thanksgiving week All!





Meet My Grand-pups

I just felt the need to share something cute and cuddly with you today.  It was a bit chilly this morning as I had a doctor’s appointment.  So here they are:

Meet Lacie and Louie


Aren’t they the cutest?  It is so nice to be able to love them and not have all the work, just like grandkids.  Can you tell them apart?  Here is the clue-the ears, Louie has the droopy ears and Lacie has the other.  By the way, they are brother and sister.  Lacie and Louie are both Penn State Nittany Lion fans, because that is where daddy played college football.

Share your grand puppy stories and pictures with me, please.

Wishing you puppy kisses,



My Mother Needs What?

My mother is the healthiest seventy-four year old anyone knows.  Imagine my shock when I receive a call from my dad informing me she needs triple by-pass surgery in two days.

Did I forget to mention I’m in Ohio and they are “snow-birds, too old for the cold” living in Florida.  They just left two weeks before this call.  If you are familiar with my story, I am in a wheelchair.  It is a rather nice chair, but all the same I had to make some decisions here.  What was the best way to travel to Florida?

It will take 22 hours to drive or 2 1/2 hours to fly.  I know what you are thinking, duh! take the flight.  Did I mention the wheelchair?  Flying leaves me without transportation to get around, unless I rent an over-priced mobility van.  Driving is a long way for my husband to be the only driver, since we needed to get there now.  What to do?

As always I had faith things would work out, as they always do.  Our dear friends (also our pastors) called within the hour of hearing the news and offered to drive us to Florida in there comfy, nice mini-van.  Not just that but they could pray with my parents and….wait for it…they would fly home and leave us their van to get around in .

     Okay, I ask when in this self-centered, I’m too busy for you world would anyone be so generous?   I’m telling you God’s people, that’s who.

Well long story short (I know too late for that), 24 hours after surgery we were told mom was the healthiest patient on the cardiac-ICU floor and she went home on Wednesday.  That is five (5) days after triple-by-pass.  She is doing great.  At this time of Thanksgiving I want to appreciate and thank everyone for their prayers, Steve and Lisa for their great company and van use, and especially Jesus Christ for his healing touch on MoM.

August 2015-Mom on her 74th  Birthday


Be Thankful, Be Giving,