My Mother Needs What?

My mother is the healthiest seventy-four year old anyone knows.  Imagine my shock when I receive a call from my dad informing me she needs triple by-pass surgery in two days.

Did I forget to mention I’m in Ohio and they are “snow-birds, too old for the cold” living in Florida.  They just left two weeks before this call.  If you are familiar with my story, I am in a wheelchair.  It is a rather nice chair, but all the same I had to make some decisions here.  What was the best way to travel to Florida?

It will take 22 hours to drive or 2 1/2 hours to fly.  I know what you are thinking, duh! take the flight.  Did I mention the wheelchair?  Flying leaves me without transportation to get around, unless I rent an over-priced mobility van.  Driving is a long way for my husband to be the only driver, since we needed to get there now.  What to do?

As always I had faith things would work out, as they always do.  Our dear friends (also our pastors) called within the hour of hearing the news and offered to drive us to Florida in there comfy, nice mini-van.  Not just that but they could pray with my parents and….wait for it…they would fly home and leave us their van to get around in .

     Okay, I ask when in this self-centered, I’m too busy for you world would anyone be so generous?   I’m telling you God’s people, that’s who.

Well long story short (I know too late for that), 24 hours after surgery we were told mom was the healthiest patient on the cardiac-ICU floor and she went home on Wednesday.  That is five (5) days after triple-by-pass.  She is doing great.  At this time of Thanksgiving I want to appreciate and thank everyone for their prayers, Steve and Lisa for their great company and van use, and especially Jesus Christ for his healing touch on MoM.

August 2015-Mom on her 74th  Birthday


Be Thankful, Be Giving,







4 thoughts on “My Mother Needs What?

  1. Ok l can’t put into words how l feel today but i’ll try, first l have two very brave daughters that have had major changes and their lives in the past few years my prayer is that I can be brave like my two wonderful daughters I love them there are so many wonderful loving people in this world and I have had the pleasure of meeting so many of them thanks to my wonderful pastors thanks to my wonderful children, grandchildren friends and all my prayer warriors that stood strong-when I was so weak

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    1. Well your two daughters learned by example all their life. We saw you take a stranger in and nourish and care for her as she was dying from cancer. We experienced being dropped at the church to pray as you took this dying woman to the hospital and you held her hand as she took her last breath. I would say you are the bravest person I know. A parent leads by example! love you, Lora


  2. Lora and Shirley, both of your posts have left me in tears. Your words were beautiful and you are both right – you are two of the bravest woman I know – mighty woman of God!!! Steve & I are absolutely the ones who are so blessed to be part of your family and to have you all as some of most dearest friends!! We were so thankful that God provided a way for us to be with your family during this journey as well as spend time visiting with you & Jim on our drive – that time was so special and so much fun together!! Can’t wait to do it again;). We love you guys! Shirley we are praising God with you for His amazing healing on you and we know it is just the beginning as He continues to strengthen you daily. Harry your heart for your wife and the way you cared for her was both touching and refreshing to see. After all these years you two are still so in love – what Godly examples you have been to us all. To Andy, Carrie, Shirley Mae, (Little) Lisa, Pam, Lois, Jerri and Anna – it was wonderful to spend time with you all while we were in Florida. It was great getting to visit with old friends & family and to meet new ones as we all agreed together for God to heal and keep our sweet Shirley in His care. He sure did answer those prayers!! We give God all the glory for what He has done and we are blessed to share in your miracle testimony of Gods healing and provision!! We love you all! Steve & Lisa

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