What Is Happiness?

Today as I reflect on the gifts I ordered on Cyber-Monday and the others I’ve already bought; I ponder will these bring happiness and joy to my loved ones?


It seems in todays culture we seek happiness as if it is a destination.  As a place to arrive, but really I find it is a place of being.   I have always believed we are responsible for our own happiness and yet we try so hard to make others happy.

What I truly believe is happiness changes with our stages of life.  Now….I’m at the age where being a grandma lets me watch the different stages of life.  Childhood, college, young families, middle-age and seniors.

The definition of happiness, joy and even contentment is so different in each stage.  Childhood is looking for parents approval, the best friend or friends.  Happiness for a college student may be getting into that desired school and graduating to the perfect job.  What about the young family?  It’s the wedding, the baby, the first house – all these bring happiness.  You get the idea.

Unfortunately, things and situations don’t last or they change.  I found myself a paraplegic in a six-hour time span from a rare neurological event in 2008.  I have a good reason to not be happy or joyous.  However, I wake up everyday and ask am I happy?  The answer almost always yes!

Today, I am rolling out noodles on a table cloth that belonged to my grandmother and that makes me happy.  It allows me to remember all the fun times I had with her in the kitchen.  It also lets me to think about my parents (they live in Florida during the winter.)  So this is just one example of what I mean about happiness being a state of being, not something we can attain through material objects.


I would be slack though if I didn’t mention that my relationship with Jesus is the number one thing that brings me happiness, joy and contentment.  The scriptures are full of reasons to be happy everyday you have breath.  They are so full of good news and hope.

I just want to encourage you to be happy with you and where you find yourself, because life never stays the same.

Enjoy your Christmas preparations my fiends,


Feel free to leave me a comment about what memory brings you happiness.