Making the Most Of Our Winter Days

I live in northeastern Ohio and find myself in the house for many days in a row. The main reason is because of the wheelchair; doing donuts in the chair isn’t as much fun as it was in the car. Anyway…. There are many reasons you may find yourself in this situation. Maybe you have littles or you live in Boston (need I say more.)


I feel what gets me through these days is to stick to a schedule. Make your day as routine as you can. Always begin with a positive reading. I find my devotional Bible and something funny like a short story very good. And then I keep to a schedule. My schedules are measured in blocks of time. An example; One hour of the news, two hrs crafting, and etc. setting a timer is my favorite thing to do! I never have the same starting time daily, as others so kindly help me get up each day.

Share some ideas of what gets you through these long winter days in the comments below

Be joyful, no matter the circumstances!


Planning Is Half the Fun

Good Morning friends,

Today I am enjoying my second cup of tea and trying to convince myself it is warm and sunny outside.  I’m not so sure I even care if it’s warm I just want some sunshine.  Yesterday the sun was shinning bright and I enjoyed my tea in front of the patio doors.  I always enjoy watching the birds eat and play.  All I could think about was all the new projects I have planned for Jim (dear hubby.)

I am blessed to have Jim in my life.  If you’ve read my bio; you know that six years ago I was suddenly and without warning paralyzed from the waist down in a six hour time span.  Thus, I live my life in a wheelchair.  I do my best to stay independent and work on my DIY projects, gardening, decorating, etc.  But without this man’s help it would be very hard.

My condition came on suddenly, but I notice many others who also have conditions that slow them down as we age.  I know in my mind, I’m still that  30-something, how about you?  We all need someone to help us sometimes.  You may not have a Jim, but if you look you may have a friend or neighbor that will get just as excited as you are to plan and carry-out a project.  The planning gets you excited and you can always trade something you can do for something they would enjoy.

My sister hates to cook or bake, I don’t let her near my kitchen.  Something always gets broken.  She is happy to trade dinner for cleaning my house or helping me with a project.

Can you think of that person you would love to get excited with, planning a project?  Start the conversation, put the plans on paper, look for ideas on Pinterest!  As you work that out I will enjoy my cup of tea.  This is a picture of my little drink station I set up on my kitchen counter.  I think it’s cute and it is something I could do on my own.  Have a virtual cup of tea with me today, I would love your company.

drink station



From Paradise To Freezing

We were so excited this weekend to spend time with our nephew’s wife Jordan. She and my sister’s boy Brian are living in Hawaii. We are so proud to have him serving in the Navy.  That’s Jordan in the pink

imageWe went to a D-league
basketball game one night and played cards another.

Being in a wheelchair does have its perks-they seated my husband and myself right on the floor. We had the best seat

What did you guys do fun this weekend?  Any suggestions for an activity in a wheelchair?

Enjoy every step!


Tablescape – Some of my Favorite Things

Tablescape-Some of my Favorite Things
Tablescape-Some of my Favorite Things

Good Morning Everyone,

It sure is cold outside and everywhere in the eastern US this past week.   As I am trying to stay nice and warm inside it makes me want to get some decorating started.  The Christmas is all packed up and I’m ready to move things around.

Let me tell you that decorating my table tops is one of my favorite things to do.  Before my life began in the wheelchair i was constantly changing everything around, the walls, furniture, counters, table tops, etc….  Now that I’m in the wheelchair, and I still love to decorate and change things up I concentrate on my table tops.   This is a place I can still be creative and do it myself.

This one is still a work in process because the wall is just  too blah…I had a computer desk there before Christmas and decided to change it up.  So i put out a few of my favorite things.

1.  I love my primitive looking bird-cage.

2.  I can’t give enough love to the battery operated, color changing, timer pillar candles I found on Amazon(did I mention remote-controlled)

3.  The adorable salt-box houses my husband made for me (he has no idea how many more ideas I have for

4.  Another love of mine are books and this one is Leonardo’s Notebook (Leonardo da Vinci) I gave to my husband as gift.

This is where i need your help!!!  Should i lean a pair of shutters against the wall behind, just add a round mirror offset behind the little house or make a heart wreath and hang it to the left above the little house  for Valentines Day?

I would love to hear your ideas and I will post a finished picture with what is decided.

Stay Warm All,


Back to University for K

kaylin xmas 2015

This Is grandD #1 and she is heading back to London to finish up her first year at University.  What an adventurer she is.  She spent her junior year of high school as an exchange student in Italy.  It takes a special kind of soul to travel by yourself to places unknown.  I will miss her very much, but with all the technology out there i am able to stay in touch through my iphone.  Thank God for grandkids they teach me how to use these things. 

If they think I am device challenged – try teaching your 70 something parents how to use their iphone.  Well we will save that for another day…lol.


Dear hubby had to leave at 5am for work so what better time  to get my bake on for a “farewell tea party” with grandD #1 this morning. The bread was started in my bread machine just using the dough setting.  Then I put it  in a bread pan to rise and bake.  The reason for that is to get a nice normal size and shaped slice of bread.  The cookies are another story. We had a family popcorn bar and I ran ressee pieces through the food processor.  Well…… we had way too many leftover so I substituted the peanut butter dust for the chocolate chip morsels in the chocolate chip cookie recipe.Yummy!

Notice the well worn table cloth that the cookies are cooling on.  Well it is worn and tattered, but it was also used for the same reason by my grandmother and then my mother.  When I use this table cloth it brings me wonderful memories of baking with each of them.

jim and lora

You may ask why did I have to arise when DH did.  Well as you know I am Living Wheel Life in a wheelchair.  It came on suddenly and this is my new normal for the past six years.  Do I let a little (well big actually) thing like this change who I am or what I choose to do?  No way!!!! With careful planning and reading all the wonderful ideas from other bloggers I stay very organized.  Thank you LivingWellSpendingLess, CozyLittleHouse and Pinterest for all the great ideas! 

Find one thing to be thankful for today and dwell on that!

Wishing you a happy day!


It Was A Great Holiday

The three joys of my life Grandchildren  K, P & B
The three joys of my life Grandchildren K, P & B

I don’t know about you, but this Christmas season just seemed to come together nicely. Usually my parents are in Florida, so we don’t spend the holidays with them.
My son & his wife Ayla living in Austalia
Well this year we were able to have a family Christmas party and all who could-attended. My son and his wife Ayla live in Sydney, Australia and our nephew Brian and his wife Jordan are stationed in Hawaii. Brian is in the Navy, I know rough life living in Hawaii, right? These kids were the only ones unable to attend.

my beautiful mom

I am so grateful I still have my parents and do not take this blessing for granted. They are both in their mid 70’s and very healthy.

Did you have an extra special reason to celebrate this past holiday season? If so I would love to hear about it!

Wishing you a happy, healthy, and blessed

Twenty fifteen